Before contacting support service, please read the frequently asked questions in the "Help" section

Is ordering from iMixes' web site secure?
You do not have to be concerned for your data left on the page View Cart (Cart), as we get them in encrypted form. Next your order is processed on the server of processing company, which safety guarantees by the processing center.

The track I want is not available in my preferred format.
We supply only available formats are specified by the record labels.

Why are different formats sold at different prices?
On iMixes, each retail price is determined by the record label or digital distributor. Generally the larger sized (less compressed) formats such as 320kbps MP3s and WAVs are offered at a higher price reflecting the higher quality of the file. This is a commercial decision taken by our suppliers and Juno is unable to alter this.

I want a track that you don't have.
Generally we take all available tracks from each label, but we may have missed some. Send us an e-mail and we will try to obtain the artist, label or track you require. Note that it may take some time for us to licence new material.

I am having problems using the shopping cart - what should I do?
The main reasons why customers may encounter problems using the shopping cart are that (a) customers are ordering from within a firewalled company network, or (b) ordering from a non-standard PC/Mac unit (eg a games console). In both these cases, the shopping cart may not function properly, so we recommend using a normal stand-alone PC or Mac where possible. Another possible source of problems is that the security settings on your web browser are set at maximum, which prevents your computer communicating with our server properly. If using Internet Explorer, adjust the security level slider to a medium setting. For other browsers, "Java", "JavaScript" and "Cookies" should all be enabled in the browser options.

When will my card be charged?
Your card is charged after you click the Place Order button on the Checkout page. If there is a problem charging your card, you will be advised of this.

My download was interrupted.
You can download the track(s) again by visiting the My iMixes page. The Digital Downloads section allows you to download recently ordered tracks again.

There is an problem with a file I have downloaded.
Firstly, try downloading the track again by visiting the My iMixes page (go to the Digital Downloads section). If you still have a problem, then please contact iMixes' Customer Service department using the customer services form, or telephone us on +1 778 989 7719.

What if I do not like the downloads I have bought? Can I get a refund?
No - all orders are on a "firm sale" basis and we cannot refund you unless the files downloaded are damaged or faulty. Please be sure to listen to the preview clips and check the details of the track(s) you buy before placing your order.

I am an artist or label and would like you to sell my digital releases. Who do I speak to?
Please register your interest via our registration page, and we will contact you with full details.

I am an artist or label and I would like to amend one of my releases on the iMixes site. Who do I speak to?
Please e-mail us and we will make your required changes as soon as possible.

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