Spotify holds 31% of the market
Spotify holds 31% of the market

A fresh analysis of streaming services from Media Research has been published. The following conclusions can be drawn from the most relevant research at the moment.
Spotify holds 31% of the market and is in a fairly large gap from its closest competitors. At the same time, analysts note a decrease in Spotify's share from year to year. Spotify will definitely not lose its leadership in the near future, but the reduction in its share is steady and permanent.
Apple Music is in second place with 15%.

Amazon Music and Tencent Music share the third place (both have 13%).
The share of YouTube Music is only 8% so far. However, it is the fastest growing platform in developed countries.
It is gratifying that the market as a whole is growing: over the year, the total number of music streaming users increased by 26.4%.

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